I'm Scratch! Check out these documents and links!

Below are some documents you may find helpful. Most of them are also downloadable from the Scratch website.

This document is from the Scratch website. It is a great reference.

The "Getting Started" document is a good help for beginners.

21st Century Skills mesh wonderfully with Scratch project.

Mr. Michaud is a music and technology teacher in the midwest. He has shared some
great materials at conferences.

This is the first in a series of "cards" you can print out, cut out, fold and glue, then laminate.
Students use the cards to learn a single skill within Scratch. Make your set today! The others follow.

These tutorials are suitable to be used as student assignments.
16 Open-ended activities you can assign.
These activities are presented in .pdf format. They are broad ideas for assignments you might use.
Twenty Websites to support Scratch
WOW! So many good resources here!
Scratch Lesson Plan Wiki
Again, tons of resources!
Scratch Resource Wiki
Sit down with some refreshments to browse these resources.
Join ScratchEd to work with a community of Education Scratchers!
Mr. Michaud, a music and technology educator, has good projects and resources which use Scratch.