Welcome to my Scratch Wiki!

Here you will find materials references in the presentation and many extras as well.

Getting Started:

I'm Scratch! I hope you get as excited as I am about the possibilities for your classroom. C'mon in and let's have some fun!

On your own computer you will need to download and install it. Go to http://scratch.mit.edu and click the link to Download Scratch! It is Open Source , so it works on Linux, Apple, and Windows machines.

Scratch is a free, kid-friendly, block-based computer programming application. Using it, anyone can develop lessons for students. Students can use it to exhibit their learning in just about any curriculum area.

You can use your own photos.

You can use your own sounds (and even record your own voice to use in your projects.)

You can draw then animate your own characters.

Or, you can use the embedded images, sounds, and characters.

Let the fun begin!

Here's the Question!:

Have you ever used Scratch before?

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